BleepDrum Build

I finally received my bleep drum kit after about two weeks and sat down to build it last night…


I spent a couple of hours on the build which was a more than I anticipated. This was mainly due to the fact that the silkscreen was missing from the PCB, so I had to carefully place components as shown in the online guide diagrams, which was quite cumbersome and I did make a couple of mistakes (god I hate desoldering).

Other than that the build was straight forward and I encountered no major problems. Everything worked the first time I popped in the battery and I didn’t even get to use my newly purchased multimeter.

As for the Bleep Drum, I like the grungy sounds and the overall concept but the sequencer is really difficult to work with. The quantization is off somehow… can’t quite put my finger on the problem. I had a look at the source code but gave up when I still hadn’t located the relevant code after around 15 minutes… working with messy code is no fun and this is a hobby, after all.

The MIDI implementation is very decent though and I had some fun controlling the Bleep Drum with a bunch of step sequencers in Reason.


Although the Bleep Drum is a simple kit and in many ways an interesting little instrument, I was annoyed by the missing silkscreen and I think the bad quantization is a real deal breaker.

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